Shear mode transducer – For the detection and study of shear waves in AE tests of plates and structures constructed from plates.

Aperture size: 0.497 inch x 0.247 inch (12.64 mm x 6.28mm)
Case Material: Aluminum, standard. (Stainless steel available)
Physical Dimensions: Diameter 0.800 inch (20.32 mm)
Height 0.525 inch (13.34 mm)
Weight: 12 grams (Aluminum case), without cable
Temperature: -50 to + 125 °C
Grounding: Case isolated with integral ceramic wear plate for electrical protection
Humidity: Waterproof for short periods
Connector: 10-32 microdot connector, side mounted
Optional: 1M integral cable terminated in BNC connector


Score-Atlanta purchased Dunengan Engineering Company, Inc. (Hal Dunegan) in 2009. Following a long legacy of advancements by Hal Dunegan, Score-Atlanta provides portable systems used to detect leakage through process plant valves and piping and a complete range of acoustic emissions sensors and data acquisition hardware for monitoring piping, pressure vessels and other steel structures.

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