logo_vallen Founded over 30 years ago, Vallen Systeme specializes in the development and manufacturing of instrumentation for Acoustic Emission (AE). The company is dedicated to the support, reliability, and performance of their products.

Vallen Systeme

Highly sensitive and available in all sizes and frequency ranges

vallen-sensorsWith more than 30 AE sensor models, Vallen Systeme offers a wide range for various AE applications. The highly sensitive piezo-electric sensors are available in all relevant frequency ranges and sizes.

All sensors are optimized for greatest sensitivity and are subject to strict quality controls. Most sensors with integrated preamplifiers are equipped with a pulse-through feature. This shortens time for checking sensor coupling, cables and preamplifier function.

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scoreatlanta_logoScore Atlanta provides portable systems used to detect leakage through process plant valves and piping and a complete range of acoustic emissions sensors and data acquisition hardware for monitoring piping, pressure vessels and other steel structures.

Score-Atlanta (Dunegan/DECI)

Contact ATG for more information ([email protected])

krn_0KRN Services, Inc. was founded more than 20 years ago and designs and manufactures Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors used by test companies, manufacturing firms, electrical utility, DOT, and academia.

KRN Services

KRN Services formed in 1991 to supply the Acoustic Emission industry with top-quality sensors, preamplifiers, and miscellaneous supporting equipment. KRN sensors are used by AE Test Companies, Manufacturing firms, Research Institutes, and Academia.
The product line includes resonant sensors available with or without integral preamplifiers, models available with impedance-matched pulse-through capability, broadband sensors, specialty sensors, and underwater sensors.
The new broadband sensor has nearly flat response from ~5kHz to nearly 2MHz and underwater sensors are capable of long-term immersion in seawater to 10,000 feet and include wet-connection cables.
The standard integral preamplifier sensor models KRNi60kHz, KRNi150kHz, and KRNi400kHz are repairable at a reduced cost compared with replacing with a new unit. No other AE sensor company offers a repairable sensor.

logo_avtAVT has been producing high quality AE Sensors and Instrumentation for over 25 years. Acoustic Emission Technology is finding increased applications across a broad spectrum of industries and AVT’s sensors meet the most stringent demands.

AV Technology

AVT has been producing high quality Acoustic Emission Sensors (AE Sensors) and Instrumentation for over 25 years. Acoustic Emission Technology is rapidly finding increased applications across a broad spectrum of industries and our sensors meet the most stringent demands.

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