Amplifiers and Preamplifiers

ATG distributes amplifiers and preamplifiers from Vallen Systeme, KRN Services, AV Technology

Vallen Systeme

Vallen Systeme offers a number of extremely robust preamplifiers perfectly suited for use with most AE systems or as stand-alone when employing the decoupling unit, Model DCPL1. Bandwidth and performance can be selected to match the test requirements. Their consequent design with matching 50 Ohm impedance and their low noise input stage make them unique on the market. Only selected components and materials are used to ensure reliable operation even under difficult operating conditions.


KRN Services

Multi-Channel Preamplifier for KRNBB-PC Point Contact Sensor – KRN AMP-xxBB-Jx Series Preamplifiers.
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The KRN AMP-xxBB-J series of wideband preamplifiers are designed to interface the KRNBB-PC sensor to your Digital Acquisition System or to AE Test System for signal capture and analysis.

The AMP-xxBB-Jx line provides power and a DC bias point to the current amplifier (jfet) integral to the KRNBB-PC sensor. Currently this preamplifier is available in 4 different configurations to suit your lab or AE test equipment needs.

The AMP-4BB-J & AMP-12BB-J preamplifiers come equipped with an internal universal 28 Volt DC power supply, or they can be powered from an external DC power source via a (switched) BNC connector mounted on the back panel. The AMP-4BB-J28 preamplifier is only powered from an external DC supply while the AMP-1BB-J preamplifier is powered from an AE Test System. For all models the user can select one of two different gain modes for operation. The “Cal Mode” provides -0.92 dB (x0.9)of preamplifier gain while “Test Mode” provides 27dB (35 dB for AMP-1BB-J) of gain over a broad spectrum of frequencies. Each preamplifier channel can be individually set to Cal or Test mode.