Acoustic Technology Group

a leading distributor of Acoustic Emission products in North and South America

ATG provides turn-key systems and components, specializing in multi-channel instrumentation, sensors, training and consulting services.

Acoustic Technology Group

 ATG can consult with you about ALL applications of AE.

ATG’s goal is to provide our clients with the best possible AE system, instruments, sensors and software at the fairest price.

Acoustic Emission is Non-Destructive Testing (AE is NDT)

Acoustic Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) was founded in 1991 and continues today as a leading distributor of Acoustic Emission (AE) products. We represent OEM firms specializing in design, manufacture and application development in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology of Acoustic Emission (AE).

ATG can speak with you about all applications of AE, from asset protection via advanced technology to specific details of structural health monitoring, laboratory experimentation, small scale sample testing, partial discharge, rotating equipment monitoring, and leak detection.

We do not compete with our clients by providing AE inspection services but will refer you to some of the best, most experienced, and most reliable service companies in the USA.

Are you looking for Non-Destructive Testing services? Let us know as we can refer you to some of the best, most experienced, and most reliable service companies in the USA.

logo_vallenFounded in 1980, Vallen Systeme specializes in the development and manufacturing of instrumentation for Acoustic Emission (AE). The company is dedicated to the support, reliability, and performance of their products.
krn_0KRN Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 and designs and manufactures Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors used by test companies, manufacturing firms, electrical utility, DOT, and academia.
Score-Atlanta purchased Dunengan Engineering Company, Inc. (Hal Dunegan) in 2009. Following a long legacy of advancements by Hal Dunegan, Score-Atlanta provides portable systems used to detect leakage through process plant valves and piping and a complete range of acoustic emissions sensors and data acquisition hardware for monitoring piping, pressure vessels and other steel structures.
Xarion Laser Acoustics sells optical sensors featuring outstanding properties for sound, Acoustic Emission, and Ultrasound applications. The worlds first acoustic transducers without any mechanically deformable parts. These sensors use an all optical principal of operation. Sound pressure changes the optical refractive index of the medium between two rigid mirrors. This alters the light transmission, which consequently leads to respective electrical signal.