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Vallen Systeme provides the Vallen AE-Suite Software for data acquisition and data analysis tasks. VisualAE, VisualTR and VisualClass are the data analysis tools of the Vallen AE-Suite Software. Furthermore the Vallen AE-Suite Software contains software for hardware verification tasks and frequency domain analysis.

For data analysis purposes VisualAE, VisualTR and VisualClass establish a powerful set of tools, the so called Vallen VisualCircle.
VisualAE is a modular framework for complete data analysis and presentation in real time or in a post process. It processes and displays data of an AE-measurement. VisualAE can be configured to fit various applications and can be configured applicationally, e.g. above-ground tank floor test, integrity tests of pressure vessels, etc.

VisualTR is a tool for investigating waveform data in detail and provides helpful tools for generating training data sets for VisualClass.

VisualClass is a tool for statistical analysis of waveforms based on pattern recognition.

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In order to match the requirements of different AE tests, the Vallen AE-Suite Software offers full flexibility and transparency at any time. VisualAE provides a framework for all data analysis tasks in real time (online) or in a post process (offline). VisualAE can be configured on a modular basis to fit a certain analysis task. The individual configuration is based on the selection of individual software modules (e.g. location modules, processor modules, etc.) which can be implemented at any time.

VisualAE provides tools for processing or manipulating data, displaying data and integrated auxiliary functionality. So called “Processors” allow for the manipulation of data, while “Visuals” display data in diagrams or listings. Any number of processors or visuals can be defined and used to even enable the most complex analysis.

VisualAE strictly separates data acquisition from data presentation. The information of the processing structure (i.e. the number of visuals, processors and their arrangement) is stored in a separate setup file. This enables to use the same setup on different raw data files.

  • Analysis transparency: The sequence of processing steps, such as filtering, location, clustering, etc., is shown in form of a structure tree.
  • Structural freedom: The structure tree can be easily built up and rearranged by drag & drop.’
  • User written software integration: The Embedded Code Processor integrates user code, e.g. to obtain specific results during routine testing by e.g. an application specific severity indicator, or specific alarm criteria, etc.
  • Flexible result presentation: Any combination of results can be displayed in graphs or listings.
  • High quality reports: Graphs and listings can be exported with any resolution and font size.
  • Data file compatibility: The latest AMSY-6 software can process all AE files recorded with any Vallen AE System since 1991.
  • Seven dialog languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian included.

Waveform based analysis, such as FFT, wavelet transform, enhanced feature extraction and pattern recognition provides additional information about e.g. source mechanisms, damage evaluation or wave propagation.

For frequency domain analysis Vallen Systeme provides its software module VisualTR (VTR) which contains the Feature Extractor. The Feature Extractor is an interface for different plugins that extract features from frequency domain and make them available for analysis inVisualAE. The Feature extractor can run in online and offline mode.

For statistical analysis of frequency domain features Vallen Systeme provides VisualClass pattern recognition software. VisualClass enables an operator to generate a classifier for frequency domain features in a fast and comprehendible way. A classifier designed with VisualClass can be used to classify waveforms in real time as a plugin of the Feature Extractor.

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