Leak Detection: ValveSense by Senseven


Leak Detection: ValveSense by Senseven

ValveSense TM is a mobile inspection system for leak detection utilizing the Acoustic Emission (AE) technology. Software guides the user through the inspection process, analyses the sensor signals and provides immediate results on site with the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Use as a standalone evaluation tool or via the back-office cloud-based package to store multiple tests and trend over time. RFID enabled to automatically track individual valves or other devices. Senseven TM creates reports based on ISO 18081 and action plans to use in scheduling maintenance activities.

It is a rapidly scalable platform for numerous use cases such as: Valve Leak, Cavitation, Steam Trap, Transformer Partial Discharge, and the optional customization to client specific applications/needs.



Ethanol Case Study Paper

Steam Case Study Paper


Senseven has developed a new way of equipment testing by transforming smartphones into smart and simple mobile inspection solutions. Capitalizing on the technology of Acoustic Emission, Senseven has adapted many inspection routines into easy to use, portable, and mobile phone based systems.

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