Permanent Monitoring / Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): Bridge Tendon Wire Breaks


Bridge Tendon Wire Breaks

Acoustic Emission testing has proven extremely capable in detecting and locating wire breaks of post tensioned tendons in bridges. It is the only non-destructive testing method that can resolve individual wire breaks in time and space. The high performance of the measurement system provides details about defects in real-time. The monitoring system runs autonomously gathering information 24/7.

Operators, structural engineers and interested audiences can get information about critical events as they occur, ensuring a fast reaction upon changes in the carrying capacity of the monitored structure.

Permanent monitoring can be done for spatially restricted areas of the structure, so called hot spots, for an entire structural element such as a longitudinal tendon, or all load carrying elements of a structure.

Acoustic emission systems can be expanded easily, enabling the operator to adjust the monitoring system to changing needs as the structure ages.

Vallen Systeme provides a solution covering the entire measurement process, the data analysis, alerting and information dissemination workflow. Third-party acquisition modules are supported, and their data can be seamlessly integrated int the Vallen AE Suite software ecosystem.

Expandable and versatile monitoring systems can be configured using modular components and customized products where necessary. Vallen Systeme offers all of this from a single source.


SHM of Bridges – The Acoustic Emission Solution

Vallen Systeme – Turnkey Solutions for SHM


logo_vallenFounded in 1980, Vallen Systeme specializes in the development and manufacturing of instrumentation for Acoustic Emission (AE). The company is dedicated to the support, reliability, and performance of their products.

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