Vallen Systeme AMSY-6

The AMSY-6 is a fully digital multi-channel (2 to 248 channels) AE-measurement system. It consists of parallel measurement channels and the system front end software which runs on an external PC. A measurement channel consists of an AE-sensor, preamplifier and one channel of an ASIP-2 (dual channel acoustic signal processor). Each channel combines an analogue measurement section and a digital signal processing unit. AE-features, such as time of the first threshold crossing (arrival time), risetime, duration, peak amplitude, energy and counts, are extracted by the ASIP-2. In parallel to the feature extraction, the complete waveform can be recorded to an optional transient recorder module.

The AMSY-6 provides 4 types of measurement data:

  1. Hit data: data that is generated when the AE-signal exceeds the threshold
  2. Status data: data that is generated in regular time intervals
  3. Parametric data: data of external parametric sensors which are measured at regular time intervals. Parametric data is stored with every hit and at user specified time intervals.
  4. Waveform data: sampled AE-sensor signal.The system front-end software runs on a PC and controls data acquisition, storage of data and is capable of analyzing data online as well as offline.

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September 11, 2014