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KRN Services formed in 1991 to supply the Acoustic Emission industry with top-quality sensors, preamplifiers, and miscellaneous supporting equipment. KRN sensors are used by AE Test Companies, Manufacturing firms, Research Institutes, and Academia.

The product line includes resonant sensors available with or without integral preamplifiers, models available with impedance-matched pulse-through capability, broadband sensors, specialty sensors, and underwater sensors.

The new broadband sensor has nearly flat response from ~5kHz to nearly 2MHz and underwater sensors are capable of long-term immersion in seawater to 10,000 feet and include wet-connection cables. The standard integral preamplifier sensor models KRNi60kHz, KRNi150kHz, and KRNi400kHz are repairable at a reduced cost compared with replacing with a new unit. No other AE sensor company offers a repairable sensor.