Vallen Smart LineTM Sensors: VS150-RSC & VS900-RSC


Vallen Smart LineTM Sensors: VS150-RSC & VS900-RSC

Vallen Systeme offers the first Vallen Smart LineTM AE sensor. The sensor comes with an electronic data sheet including type, serial number and gain. The Vallen Smart LineTM sensor is automatically detected from the AMSY-6 system and transfers the information automatically to the data test file. This makes, installations & test Set-up faster by eliminating manual steps, and results in reduction of potential mistakes. This new sensor feature is time-saving, especially in multi-channel setups. Requires Vallen Software Suite version R2018.0726 or newer.


Vallen Ammonia Vapor Service Sensor:  A150kHz

Designed and tested to meet the requirements of Ammonia Vessel Health Monitoring. 

Ammonia Vapor >999.5 mmol/mol; N2 and H2 content <0.5 mmol/mol;

Operation Temperature -340C<T<650C

logo_vallenFounded in 1980, Vallen Systeme specializes in the development and manufacturing of instrumentation for Acoustic Emission (AE). The company is dedicated to the support, reliability, and performance of their products.


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