SE1000-H Transducer

SE1000-H Transducer


Small aperture, high fidelity AE transducer with frequency range of 8kHz to 400kHz. The small 1.5 mm aperture, high sensitivity, and high fidelity features, provide an ideal solution for the study of frequency characteristics of plate waves.

Aperture size: Diameter 0.059 inch (1.5 mm)
Elements case isolation: 20 dB
Physical Dimensions Diameter 0.800 inch (20 mm) Height 0.897 inch (23 mm)
Weight: 29 grams
Temperature: -20 to + 70°C
Grounding: Case isolated with integral ceramic wear plate for electrical protection
Humidity: Waterproof for short periods
Connector: 10-32 microdot connector, side mounted
Sensitivity: 100 V per u metre with 1 m cable at 100 kHz


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August 25, 2014